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Getting Started

The BITES tool gives users the opportunity to create scenarios and compare the resulting energy use and emissions output to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's baseline. Results can be projected through the year 2050.

Users can customize scenario input values by modifying preset values encoded as the reference case. Inputs and outputs are divided into four sectors based on the energy accounting presented in the U.S. Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook (AEO). The buildings sector covers both residential and commercial buildings and includes the option for shell improvements and efficiency improvements for appliances. The industrial sector is divided into 11 subsectors (chemicals, refining, etc.) and users can make efficiency improvements to each sector as well as switch to different fuels and feedstocks. The transportation sector includes light duty vehicle changes, heavy duty vehicle improvements, mode switching, bio and/or coal based liquid fuels, and demand-side changes such as vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduction. The electric generation sector meets the demand required by the other sectors and is composed of a user-defined blend of energy sources including conventional fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear energy, and CCS.

If you have questions about a specific input, hover your mouse over the item to access a definition as well as other basic information. After the data values are entered, BITES displays the results in graphs and tables allowing for interpretation of the overall energy and CO2 impacts through 2050. Impacts are also shown by sector. At any point, users are able to save their individual scenarios in their user profiles for use at a later time.

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Planned Features

The following is a list of features that are planned to be incorporated into future releases of the tool:

  • Include estimated costs of each scenario relative to the baseline
  • Offer additional graphs summarizing scenario outputs
  • Add a natural gas fuel option for heavy trucks in the transportation sector
  • Incorporate an 'eco-driving' input in the transportation sector that will act as the percentage improvement in MPG as a result of behavioral changes
  • Convert a scenario from basic mode to advanced mode to allow users to explore and edit the scenario in greater detail
  • Provide programmatic access to the calculation engine of the tool
  • Allow users to edit the values in the 'Assumptions' section of the advanced mode inputs

Have an idea or request for an additional feature? Send us a comment!

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Model Info

The BITES calculation model is summarized in the following flow chart:

BITES Model Flow Chart (PDF 2 MB)

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Download the Spreadsheet Model

The speadsheet version of the model contains additional information on the formulas used to produce the model outputs. Click on the link below to download the spreadsheet model.

BITES Model (XLSM 2.7 MB)

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Current Energy Use

Primary Energy Use by Sector in 2010

Graph of primary energy use by sector in 2010

Total: 98 Quadrillion BTUs in 2010
The lighter shade in each wedge represents the share of energy used in electric generation attributable to that sector.


Transportation Energy Use by Mode in 2010

Graph of transportation energy use by mode in 2010

Total: 27.4 Quadrillion BTUs in 2010

Data Source: AEO Annual Energy Review

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